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Journal Entry: Thu Aug 16, 2012, 10:47 AM
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Just wanted to give you a heads up guys and say that i´m open for commissions and requests.
Prices can be negociated, depending on what is what you want.
Just send a note.



Solo queria avisarles que estoy disponible para comisiones y requests. Los precios pueden
charlarse, dependiendo en que es lo que quieran.


Dando el presente

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 5, 2012, 8:07 AM
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Decidí pasar por aca un rato, ver los miles de deviations colgados que tenía y subir un par de cosas.
Ya que estamos, cambiar el username por algo más profesional... lástima que tengo que pagar por eso...

i was just browsing DA, and its just full of crap.

-oooh! im a pro, i took a photo of a cookie! and put a B&W filter on it!!-

ooh! im an artist, i´ll take a photo of a rainbow made of glitter!

let´s get a camwhore naked and pour some fake blood over her... AWESOMENESS!

fuck off deviant art!
As a way to show my support for anonymous, im setting a black avatar for today, december 18th.

If you don´t know about operation blackface, you should dig for it on facebook or on twitter with the #blackface #anonymous tags.

Usually, campaigns like this are for BS, but this one, combined with the other operations, will give some a blackeye, or blackface ;)

support freedom of speech, support wikileaks and anonymous!
recently i´ve seen how DA has transformed from a decent art community to a fucking social network with some junk they call art.

i don´t know about you, but i don´t want to know the birthday date of some guy im watching, I DONT CARE! if i´d care, i´d add him on facebook!
gosh! and all this notices, oooh party here, oooh send cake there, oooh points there again!


i came for the art, i left because of the super-nice-awesome-unnecesary new features!
focus in the art and in the modding, and not in the stupid details!
toy story 3 made me cry
Just came to tell you people, if there´s still anybody out there, that this deviant will be suspended (not hiatus, SUSPENDED) until new notice.
Reason? Im not to much into art lately, so i think its kinda stupid having a deviantart account active if im not here, so i may not be here, even as an observer (like i´ve been doing lately)

I know some people just came by, i´ve received all your notes, and i appreciate them, but im just leaving my deviantart on PAUSE for a while.

See you! (better sooner than later)
Have a good life!

just that...
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hello to all of you guys! how are you doing in this brand new, and limited edition 2010? i hope you´re all fine. :D

me? oh, im 21 now. I´ve applied a couple days ago in Teletech, and I think i´m in. I´m really excited!

A couple weeks ago i´ve started drawing again, and i have to say i´m a bit old n´rusty yet. BUT DO NOT FEAR MY FRIENDS! I´m working on it.

I was thinking, what about to oppen some commissions, so i can keep up with the practice rythm ;),what do you think?
Kinda U$S 5 each? they would be like pencil+inks, one char per drawing.

If you´re intrested, don´t hesitate on send me a note, I´LL GLAD! :D

Take care, all of you. And keep on pushing, you can do it!!!

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YES!! I´ve got a new pc! and its my little monster of my own! :D
short specs of it:

AMD Phenom II Quad Core 2.33ghz
3 gb ram DDR2
XFX ATI RADEON 4850 1Gb -256 bits-
Mother ASUS M3A78-EM
Western Digital HDD 500gb

So... I´ve started gaming so hard!! like theres no tomorrow!!
Last week i´ve won "Prototype" in 48 hours (with the needed sleeping, eating, and gointothebarthroom times). Now im playing "mirrors edge" and "assassins creed I". I had a problem installing "Batman Arkham Asylum" so i have to go to thye store and change it for another copy... :P but i harldly can`t wait for "Assassins creed II" to be on sale!!

Drawing?... no, not this time. maybe the next year
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school is over, well, almost, i owe one last subjet in the next period, but, you understand me... it´s over for the summer.
i´ve been drawing a lot, and i mean A LOT compared to how much i´ve been practicing during this year.
sincerely, this year was the laziest year i´ve ever had, at least at drawing and stuff.
I think I might be uploading something during this week, but i don´t like to burn myself to that point. just wait...

I won´t wait the right time to upload, and i will share with you some serious shit anyways :P.
Enjoy the summer or any other friggin season that you´re living in.

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simple question

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 29, 2009, 7:35 AM

hai there, a question:

when you try to use your facebook, do you have any problems?
(blank pages, lag, etc) ´cause i can´t use it.

ah, by the way, i´ve saw rebuild of evangelion ( 1.0 and 2.0 ). I´ve liked it more than the original and than "the end of evangelion" movie. I´d just loved the new character, mari mikinami.

well, thats all.


( oh, and my cat passed out )

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something i won't ever understand

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 22, 2009, 5:07 PM


If there is something i won´t ever, EVER, understand is the fixation that DA and some series ( jimmy neutron for example ) have with LLAMAS....
here in argentina we have llamas (no, not here in buenos aires), even we use llama wool usually, but there isn´t that level of interest with them than in the places i´ve mentioned...

I´ll never understand why...

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New policy

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 5, 2009, 6:09 PM
hello everyone:

From now on, I`ll try to write things in english, so i can broaden the amount of public, so the non-spanish speakers don´t miss anything.

I suppose, and I might be wrong -i hope not-, that almost every spanish speaker here in da it´s used to write/read english, so it wont be so much of a change. I want to believe that i dont need to tell that you can write to me in spanish... it´s obvious, doesn´t it?

Okay people, i won´t edit old deviation descriptions, but the future ones will be in the language you can understand...

and, in the end, you weren´t missing anything important anyway

see ya

A Collaboration between sedART & petercui

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Time to draw!

just that
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le estoy dando mucha bola a los videojuegos ultimamente.
estoy probando el Prince of persia (el ultimo), volviendo a jugar al star wars republic commando, y estoy tambien jugando al spore ( UN CAÑO!!!)
de vez en cuando me pongo a dibujar, pero tambien estoy haciendo un par de cosas de grafica para la empresa donde laburo.
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se que hace mucho que vengo siempre diciendo que las cosas estan maso menos, y hoy no es la exepcion. PERO HOY TAMBIEN FUE DIFERENTE!

Hoy the cum estuvo en el "salon del comic y el anime" en la calle sarmento al 1200 ( centro cultural Buen Ayre ), lugar donde tambien estaremos mañana y pasado. Bueno, el tema es que hoy pude conocer a una de las personas que mas me hace reir y que siempre me divierte con su voz... al gran señor Humberto Velez, la voz autentica de Homero Simpson!! ES UN TIPAZO!

Y casi de accidente conoci a uno de los proceres de la historieta nacional aca en argentina, al maestro Solano López ( El Eternauta ), que estaba de visita en el stand de una escuela de dibujo, que daba la casualidad que tambien estaba en ese momento el señor Jorge Lucas ( Cazador ). Todos se llevaron su The Cum de regalo, y de humberto me lleve un autografo. No del maestro solano porque me puse tan nervioso que no pude, pero fue genial estrechar la mano de un autentico maestro.

Sinceramente, no vendimos una mierda, pero estas cosas me hicieron el dia!
y hace mucho que no lo estaba :D

Los espero mañana a los que puedan venir, y a los que viven lejos, les mando mis saludos igual! ;)
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omfg ---- FEATURES!

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 29, 2009, 6:16 PM

Concurso 'Hora Fierro ' 4 by enrisantana NIPPUR EN URUK by enrisantana



Verde manzana by CaRGriL Good vs Evil by CaRGriL

Auto Justicialista by Kassad86 Alfa Romeo Spider by Kassad86

waste of time 3 by midorisama Mechamorfosis by midorisama

Huntress by Alesinsobrenombre Trooper helmet desing by Alesinsobrenombre


cuando uno no lo espera, alguna sorpresa le cae.

como me quedo trabado el simbolo de beta tester ( = ) en el nick desde la ultima sub que pague, me lo quitaron y como regalo me dieron una sub de 1 semana.

loco, no?

gracias a todos por pasar y comentar ;)

PD: quien tiene ganas de una semana de feature?

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Bah, para mi son buenas noticias :P

me compre una tableta nueva! despues de estar un año sin una  me compre otra genius (pero esta con puntas de respuesto ;)) pero esta vez modelo f-610 de 6x10 (o sea, wide). Voy a tener que practicar un poco antes de mostrar algo, no quiero pasar vergüenza :P
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no se ustedes, pero yo el 28 de junio, voy a votar a pino solanas.…
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